Welcome to Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc.

The company is focused on developing and bringing into production, large mining properties in Nevada that are ready to come into production in the near future.  The company has identified and verified the gold and silver in large scale ore deposits which are also adjacent to other mining operations where historical information verifies and supports the mineralization in the company owned mining claims. 

A relatively new and rapidly being moved into production property is called the Goldfield Basin where the company has conducted sampling and assay analysis work and made gold from the samples gathered.  Permits, professional studies and bonding is in place and the early stages of production commenced in the spring of 2016.  

Joint Venture Opportunity

The company and its claim owners are interested in forming a joint venture to raise additional capital and help the production operations increase in size more rapidly.   Except for the stockpiled ore summarized in the Properties tab, In-House valuations of the properties are confidential and are not presented in this web site overview.  As a summary statement however, the company owned mining claims properties are large scale ore deposits and these mining claim assets are estimated to be worth multiple billions of dollars in value.

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